We make unique designs and develop the website from the scratch for our customers. However, due to limited budget and time constraints, we often have to use the commercial designs made by other professional designers as well. Each time a pre-designed commercial template is used for a website, there is extensive amount of work goes into the project, to ensure that website is made as per the latest standards and client’s requirement. We have made hundreds of websites so far and used design templates available at stock websites. We have selected professional and user friendly templates for some of the categories. You can choose your preferred template from ThemeForest and we will customise it for you.

1. Real Estate Consultants
2. Hostels
3. Beauty Salons
4. Gyms/Health Club
5. Dentists
6. Publishers
7. Schools
8. Doctors
9. Tuition Centres
10. Taxi Operators
11. Videographers
12. Tent Houses
13. Hotels
14. Caterers
15. Florists
16. Bakery
17. Medical Stores
18. Meat Shops
19. Nursing Homes
20. Traders
21. Restaurants
22. Sweet Shops
23. Book Shops
24. Insurance Agents
25. Jewellery Shops
26. Mobile Shops
27. Footwear Shops
28. Transporters
29. Advocates
30. Job Agents
31. Colleges
32. Carpenters/Fabricators
33. Forex Traders
34. Wine Shops
35. Dry Cleaners
36. Workshops